This tutorial follows on from the MixTape tutorial, in which we saw how to use Python to:

  • collect data from the Spotify API
  • work with the database
  • create a web app using Flask

Here we'll go deeper into those topics, and introduce the following:

  • Object-oriented programming (creating classes and methods)
  • Processing, aggregating and analysing data using pandas
  • Data visualisation using chartify (a package based on bokeh)

Before you get started...

Please complete or review the MixTape tutorial before starting out on this one.

Also check out the Pop Quiz, which will test your requests knowledge and general Python skills.


We'll work through the additional steps involved in creating the Seeder web app, including how to:

  • use query parameters to make more detailed API calls
  • automatically fetch new tracks each day based on previous votes
  • add login functionality so users can only vote once each day
  • create data visualisations using track features data from Spotify